Just Breathe

This is a short and stunning video, about how to deal with difficult feeling.
When life gets hard, just slow down, take a moment to focus your attention deep into your body, and breathe into your stomach. All feelings will shift, when given the opportunity.  We have no control in the many difficult moments in life, but at the most basic, we always the choice to slow it all down and breathe through it, rather than letting life and emotions take over.

via: http://amysmartgirls.com/short-film-just-breathe-helps-kids-deal-with-emotions/

My favourite part is the look in their eyes when they emerge from a closed eyed, deep breathing moment…
What do you see?
Imagine if all the children in the world were taught this simple and empowering skill? How might the next generation of adults walk differently upon the earth?


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