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Brain Pickings- Best Articles of 2014

Great website by Maria Popova, and a list of the top 20 articles from 2014 on her website (including links). All worth reading, if you haven’t already.

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Collaboration between mother and young daughter + opportunity to collaborate!

Mica Angela Hendricks, the artist/mother, has published these collaborations between herself and her four year old daughter.  The result is some whimsical, surprising, and magical art! These works are an inspiring example of the potentials of collaboration in art making.

This project, aesthetically, really reminds me of another collaboration between illustrator and child entitled:
“What children’s drawings would look like if they were painted realistically”

What If’s: I wonder if this could inspire an art therapy prompt What would it look like if an art therapist offered this activity in a session with a child or with any potential participant? Keep reading for an opportunity to collaborate with this mother/daughter aritst duo!

via: “Illustrator draws faces, lets 4-year-old draw bodies, ends up with adorably weird art [14 pics]

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 03

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 08

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 06

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 04

Artist collaborates with her 4-year-old - 02


…and not only that!!! On her website @, artist Mica Angela Hicks offers us, the viewer, a chance to become collaborators! She offers up this template on her website, and invites us to collaborate with her, and with another person!


As posted on her website these are
The Rules:
“1.  Do something awesome with this head.  (right click the image, save it to your desktop, print it out–thick paper might work best)

2.  Create it WITH another person.

3.  Send a picture or scan of it to me at

4.  Deadline is OCT 14!   My daughter & I will pick the winner, and announce it a few days later.

5.  Winner gets a signed custom portrait!!”

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