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We Are All Recycled Stardust

The following images are a study in ‘dust.’I took some images of dust and smoke trails in my apartment,and then digitally manipulated them to enhance the patterns the dust and smoke made in the air.The patterns and details are fascinating to me, and the abstract but organic forms really appeal to my imagination.I like to stare into the dust as I stare at the clouds, and imagine all the shapes in there.I also colour-coded them into the colours of the rainbow…just because.This is in part an attempt to debunk the idea of ’empty space’. When I can see the flecks of dust, I am reminded of the following truths:

“The law of conservation of matter ensures that atoms are constantly being recycled in the Universe.

Gravity ensures that most of those on the Earth stay there. Some of the atoms floating around were breathed by da Vinci, although the number of these atoms compared to all those in the Earth’s atmosphere would make them pretty few and far between.

However, considering the length of time in which, say, the dinosaurs inhabited the Earth, you can be pretty sure that every breath you take contains what was once part of one or more of these creatures, and that every apple you eat has many atoms that were once part of an animal, even a human.”

The Long Distance Painting

These are a photographic record of a process-based painting that I completed last summer.
It was born from a desire for cathartic expression of the emotions I was feeling from being in a long-distance relationship.
We live on the upper floor of a house, and so I placed the canvas on the grass beneath our balcony, which is a distance of around 20ft.
From our balcony, I proceeded to ‘paint’ the canvas from this long distance,
by gently spilling different colours of ink and water and allowing gravity do it’s work.
I attempted to place the splatters  as well as I could, but there was very little control possible in this process,
other the colours and amounts of ink I chose to dispense.
Usually, painting is such a hands on process. As a painter I find myself intimately close, if not often embracing,
the canvases I work with in order to have the contact, control and attention to detail I desire.
This process was really a practice in letting go. Letting go of control, of expectations, and of aesthetic imperatives.
This was the lesson I desperately needed to absorb at that time in my personal life,
and the process allowed to to feel the impact of this lesson in a fun and direct way.

Cat Portraits


2009-2011 Photography

Winter Sunset

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Driving Ms. Squirrely

Floodlight Consciousness (Focusing on Peripherals)

No More Plant Blindness. Their message is clear: “Love us, for you are a plant dependent species.”


Connected by Woven Golden Strands


Corner of Nanaimo & Franklin



Baby Raven

Mom and Dad Raven


Bird’s Last Hours

Smelly Smooch


Crow Dive!

Small is Beautiful!

Drop Reflection

Momentary Mask by Nicole Ankenman

First Breath by Nicole Ankenman

Spying by Nicole Ankenman

Questionable Eyeballs by Nicole Ankenman

Closer to Corn by Nicole Ankenman

Heart in the Sky by Nicole Ankenman

Wishful Smokestacking by Nicole Ankenman

If I Were on the Other Side I Wouldn't Have Had to Move by Nicole Ankenman

Fun & Freaky Fungus by Nicole Ankenman

MMMMMmmmmmmm by Nicole Ankenman

Drayd's View from a Tree by Nicole Ankenman

Can you spot the Fox, the Man the Rabbit, the Snake and the Butterfly?  by Nicole Ankenman

Fossiziled Fern by Nicole Ankenman

Apparition on a Log by Nicole Ankenman

Praying  by Nicole Ankenman

Untitled by Nicole Ankenman


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    Nice photos!

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