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CBC Radio Q 5th Anniversary: Lynda Barry + Sonny Rollins

Link: CBC Radio Q 5th Anniversary: Lynda Barry + Sonny Rollins

I thought this was an excellent 20 min sound-byte on the creative process, as described separately by both cartoonist Lynda Barry and musician Sonny Rollins.

Descrptive quote from CBC Radio Q webpage:

“Five¬†years ago today that Q ventured onto the airwaves for the very first time. And to celebrate the anniversary, we thought we’d dip into the Q vault this week and pull out moments from our most memorable interviews, conversations that we’ve enjoyed and that you might want to hear again or for the first time.

We also decided to do a little creative matchmaking, and put some of our approximately 3,000 former Q guests together in a new way. Today’s match up: comic artist and author Lynda Barry and legendary jazz sax player Sonny Rollins, each reflecting on creativity and the creative life.”

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