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Music Therapy in Action

I have to admit that I have fallen out of love with TED Talks of late, as they just began to feel like an intellectual and visual version of slam poetry…A bit pedantic. Well, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. This talk by Robert Gupta was very inspiring, and the comments on the TED page are a great read too. This reminds me of how much music means to me, and how much I see that it means to others. I have seen music change lives, and indeed, music has changed and chronicled the tides of history. The arts reach us all. And they can unite us, as Robert Gupta said. We can all speak the common language of the creative expression of emotions. We can be united by awe and wonder.

“Music is medicine. Music changes us…Music is sanity.”-R.Gupta


Thanks for the music, Robert.

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Reuben Margolin: Sculpting waves in wood and time

http://www.ted.com Reuben Margolin is a kinetic sculptor, crafting beautiful pieces that move in the pattern of raindrops falling and waves combining. Take nine minutes and be mesmerized by his meditative art — inspired in equal parts by math and nature.

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Just How Small is an Atom?

Just how small are atoms? And what’s inside them? The answers turn out to be astounding, even for those who think they know. This fast-paced animation uses spectacular metaphors (imagine a blueberry the size of a football stadium!) to give a visceral sense of the building blocks that make our world.

Lesson by Jonathan Bergmann (http://flippedlearning.org/), animation by Cognitive Media (http://www.cognitivemedia.co.uk/).

Oh daylight rise! Atoms are dancing,
Souls, lost in ecstasy, are dancing. 
I'll whisper in your ear where the 
dance will take you. 
All atoms in the air, in the desert, 
They are all like madmen, each atom, 
happy or miserable, 
Is Passionate for the sun of which 
nothing can be said. 


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